Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting What You Deserve

It's unfortunate the above phrase always has negative connotations, because it can mean positive things are finally coming your way, too. I've felt this more and more since I followed my heart and quit the easy path that was laid out for me.

For example: apartment living. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I have terrible luck with neighbors. Every apartment I've lived in has had some of the worst neighbors imaginable. Weekly parties at midnight on Wednesdays, crackhead med students who never sleep, musicians and their "band," Harley-Davidson owners, barking dogs, cats in heat, flocks of parrots nesting in the palm tree outside my bedroom window!

I consider myself a rational, reasonably good neighbor. I don't have pets, and we don't throw lots of parties. If we do have a party, we always invite the neighbors, and make sure it moves inside (with the windows shut) after 10 pm, regardless of the day of the week. If someone else is having a party, I don't expect them to be quiet before 10 pm, and even later on the weekend is fine. If I have an issue with you, I always talk with you first before involving others (landlords, police, etc). I don't even walk heavy! So why do the stars always align that I have terrible, discourteous neighbors?

I'll tell you why: so we could earn the awesome place we live in now. Our cute little house a block from the beach, with the cutest elderly owners you can imagine.

I'm seeing the same thing with my job, because last night was my first time at our new bakery, and I LOVE IT. I've been scheduled to start at this bakery from when I was hired six months ago, since it's about ten minutes from my house and none of the other bakers live near me. It was the last of three new bakeries we opened, and I have been patiently laboring away in one of our others stores until we opened. Apparently all my hard work at the other stores has paid off, because this store is awesome. Everything I could want in a bakery.

I like getting what I deserve.

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