Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stressers vs. Neck Pain

So far Life is doing a heck of a job trying to give me more stressers to make up for the ones I'm aliviating. It's like I have to keep a quota. But I've finally found doctors in my area for those all-important yearly and twice-yearly exams; you know, the dentist and such that you KNOW you should go see, but just have to gear yourself up to actually make the appointment. Also found out I'm going to get to start working next week in our new bakery, opening up just down the street, instead of having to drive an hour to the current one. Plus I got a little research done for our upcoming trip to Paris.

And just as things are falling into place? The oven stops working during the bake and I can't reach my boss. Thank God everything was baked except for the bagels, but still.

I'm also starting to notice a trend. I tried to do some meditation like my healer-friend instructed: my boss calls to tell me something wasn't done the night before and I'll have to take care of it tonight. I actually started this blog post as part of my dicipline and stress-relief: my boss calls to tell me why he missed all my calls last night when the equipment was failing.

He's a great man, don't get me wrong. I really like working for him. And he did just give me a $1 an hour raise, along with the extra $1 I will be getting for becoming a trainer, all after only six months working with him. But my goodness, is it a test or what?

Thanks to my husband for tasty libations and dinner when I get home - otherwise in my frustration I would probably have resigned myself to neon Kraft mac-and-cheese.

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